English subtitles for Le Confessionnal:

The file is encoded in Latin-1 (Windows-1252)


I've always liked translation, despite never training or working as a translator, and in 2008 I decided to try my hand at subtitling a feature-length film. I picked Le Confessionnal, a 1995 French-Canadian movie by Robert Lepage, for which there were no subtitles available at the time, and translated it into English.

Using SubCreator I did the whole thing: created the timeline, translated the dialogue, and synchronized it with the movie. So it's not only an exercise in translation, but also in the whole process of making subtitles. I tried to keep the lines short enough, but I wasn't quite sure how long is too long. In a few places I had to compress the dialogue a little.

There were a few translation challenges in the movie, such as puns, or a scene where one character spells out a French word outloud, which is awkward to subtitle.

I'm not a native speaker of English, and I'm sure I've made mistakes, but it should be watchable. I'd love to get feedback on my choices from native speakers and/or professional translators. So if you watch the movie using the subtitles, drop me a line!